Don’t have a doctor?  Need to see a doctor?  WE CAN HELP!  Kipp-Mallery Pharmacy has partnered with iMedicine and has a put in a iMedicine Patient Studio in the pharmacy!  During pharmacy hours, the doctor is always in! iMedicine is a company that is using telemedicine technology to increase access to healthcare.  What is telemedicine?

“Telemedicine is both the practice of medicine and a way to provide or assist in the provision of patient care at a distance*.

Utilizing the latest generation of technology and telecommunications, telemedicine delivers interactive healthcare in real time.

Telemedicine is an exciting and evolving medical approach with broad implications for healthcare systems. In fact, it is a potential game-changer for the practice of modern medicine.

By increasing the efficiencies in the delivery of care, telemedicine provides greater access for patients while offering significant benefits for physicians and healthcare providers. Furthermore, telemedicine empowers individuals and communities to be more proactive and engaged, thereby promoting greater responsibility for preventative healthcare.

Telemedicine delivers healthcare services and clinical information through telecommunication technology such as video, secure networks, and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solutions.

iMedicine believes ‘virtual care’ offered by telemedicine is integral to the transformation and future development of healthcare systems. By bridging both time and distance in a cost effective manner, iMedicine ‘Patient Studios’ improve communication and alignment between physicians, labs, pharmacies, clinicians and hospitals – and patients to one another.

Globally, telemedicine is becoming increasingly mainstream as it lowers costs while increasing access to health professionals.

*College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, Policy Statement #3-14, Telemedicine **Top Health Trend For 2014: Telehealth To Grow Over 50%. What Role For Regulation? Forbes, 12/28/2013”

Walk-ins are welcome or you can book an appointment that fits your schedule. For any questions regarding iMedicine or to book an appointment, call today at 236-425-0025 (ext. 4)


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