By Phone: 

  • Downtown: 250-372-2531
    Dallas: 778-469-5271
    Landmark: 236-425-0025
  • Press 1 for Automated Refills
  • Press 2 to Speak to a Pharmacy Team Member


By Text:

  • Downtown: 1-855-274-1491
    Dallas: 1-778-765-3027
    Landmark: 1-844-799-8856
  • Text ‘refill’ and the prescription number you want refilled
    • Example – refill 1234567
  • If you have multiple prescription numbers, separate each number by a space or comma
    • Example – refill 1234567 7654321


Quick Refill On-line:

Click on the appropriate link below and follow the instructions:


Patient Profile Access and On-Line Prescription Refills:

Visit the pharmacy to enrol and receive a card number and PIN.  This will allow you to have access to your medication profile for prescriptions filled at Kipp-Mallery, anytime, anywhere.

Once you login securely using your card and pin, you can:

  • See your personal prescription history anywhere anytime
  • Order Refills
  • Share your presentation history with your doctor and other health professionals
  • Add your Health Values (Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Blood Sugar)

Once you have your card number and pin, you can click on the appropriate link below and log-in:



Yes there’s an app for that!  Download the Kipp-Mallery Pharmacy App on Google Play for android or the App store for Apple and you will be able to order your refills by Quick Refill or by logging in with your Card number and PIN.

Kipp-Mallery Pharmacy App in the Apple App Store Kipp-Mallery Pharmacy App in the Google Play Store


Kipp-Mallery Pharmacy

Phone: 250-372-2531 or 1-800-482-0134
Fax: 250-372-1736 or 1-866-688-1736

Kipp-Mallery Landmark

Phone: 236-425-0025
Fax: 236-425-0040

Kipp-Mallery Dallas

Phone: 778-469-5271
Fax: 778-469-5274